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"Sparks from the Infinite": description of the Work

"Sparks from the Infinite" is a collection of mediumistic transcripts, received from 1943 till 1976 and recorded by "Il Cenacolo".
These teachings were dictated by an Entele (an angel) to a man (a medium) who, once understood what was happening to him, shared them with the people close to him. They therefore do not originate from a human source and the readers will inevitably become aware of it for the purity and the depth of its concepts
In the part concerning the Gospels, the figure of Christ emerges in its absolute divinity. The example and the word of the Only Begotten, freed from human distortions of traditions, of transmission and of interpretation are the heart of the teaching offered to the whole humanity without any discriminations.
The second part of the book deals with the different aspects of human life as an aid to learn "how" to live life, understanding and emphasizing its deepest meaning and its spiritual side.
"Sparks from the Infinite" is a book whose intrinsic value doesn't reveal itself at the first reading. Also people who have been reading it and meditating it for years still discover new concepts and new deepenings, helpful for their own spiritual growth.
We do hope that this first encounter with "Sparks from the Infinite" will just be just the firts step on the path leading to the harmonization of your "Being" considered as a whole and drawing your soul closer and closer to the boundless Love of our Father.
Spreading this book, we wish to express our gratefulness to the man (medium) who translated, with deep devotion, the vibration sensed from the infinite skies, into a physical sound.
Above all, a thankful thought to our Father who may give you, who are reading these pages, the desire to carry on this journey of knowledge and deep self-transformation.

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The first collection of the entelic transcripts was printed in Italian for the first time in 1965 under the name of "Sparks from the Infinite" and has now arrived to its fourth edition. The work is in two volumes that can't be separated, of nearly 1.000 pages.
It's available also in English.